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Kostenloser, C02-neutraler Versand in 100% plastikfreier Graspapierverpackung.
Kostenloser, C02-neutraler Versand in 100% plastikfreier Graspapierverpackung.

Upgrade your electric car: With high-performance, long-lasting spare parts from EV-DOC

Langlebige Ersatzteile
Durable Spare Parts

Tested & certified

Biologische Verpackung
Organic Packaging

From grass paper, plastic-free

Bäume pflanzen
Plant Trees

With every product

Elektrischer Transport
Electric Transport

Emission free train freight

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Discover EV-DOC

Our Grass Paper Packaging

We (hand-)pack 100% plastic-free in grass paper, a mixture of local forest and meadow grass and recycled paper.

Instead of colourful printed boxes, you can recognise our electric car parts by the natural-coloured, fibrous cardboard. You can either reuse or compost them.

A Family Business

Ein Familienunternehmen

Between Us...

If you think that EV-DOC is backed by a German automotive group or a major investor, we're sorry to disappoint you.

We are a down-to-earth family business from Berlin that is building the first shop for electric car parts on its own. With our brand, we are also setting an example for more sustainability.

We still handle all our orders ourselves. Because we are dedicated e-mobility enthusiasts with a special passion for car technology.


Partners in the Green Zone